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Here’s more photos of our favorite Yosemite summit, El Capitán.


And here’s the Millennium Falcon flying over it.

In real fake life, the Falcon would be much smaller in proportion to the Yosemite Valley (34.37 m long compared to 13,000 m long), but we’re not too concerned about things making sense here.


Onto news of small things:

Here is a tiny thing next to an even tinier thing. This is an AllFlex circuit and an accelerator (the object in the photo that most closely resembles a dot, or a freckle, or a speck of dust).

There’s a ruler and a penny in there as double proof of how amazingly small these things are.


On the topic of perfectly sized things, we also may have discovered that this tool chest works surprisingly well as a cocoon for Danny.

Giant canyons, tiny accelerators, and sitting in things we probably shouldn’t ship people in.