Getting to the end of the sprint! The beans are working, multiplayer is working, the terrain is closer. Next up game mechanics and theory, music, custom crafts, and some code refactoring to get this working on appleTV Phil and Geoff testing multiplaya from happyMedium on Vimeo. More testing with the light blue bean from happyMedium… Read more »

So the idea is to create an iPad or iPhone or appleTV came that allows for multiple input controls. If you’re playing on the new appleTV you can gesture with the new remote, your phone or if we create an actual toy with accelerators in it… we’ll that’d be awesome. Maybe this will work with… Read more »

So the beans are working in unity!  The terrain is kind of in.  The aircraft are shitty but getting closer… In a day we should be flying around in the grand canyon. Terminator style – the beans are working from happyMedium on Vimeo.

So all of our 3D modeling work and our 3D printing has us thinking about voxels and polygons. Not in a mean, unfair comparison kind of way, but in a hey-mathematics-influence-optics kind of way. (image source: 3D-Coat Forums) The image on the left is polygon-based, and the one on the right is voxel-based. Polygon-based sculpting forces… Read more »

Grand Canyon (image source) (image source) Paria Canyon – Vermilion Cliffs (image source) Cebolla Wilderness – La Ventana Natural Arch (image source) Wave Rock in Western Australia (image source)

Here’s a screengrab of a thing Geoff has put together in SceneKit. It’s reminding us a bit of this iconic album cover: Geoff has put together this neat hilly terrain by working off of the Perlin noise function. If you’re not familiar with Perlin noise, according to Wikipedia: “Perlin noise is a type of gradient… Read more »

Can you still call them brass knuckles if they’re made out of plastic? Next up on our goals list: brass knuckles phone case.

Here’s more photos of our favorite Yosemite summit, El Capitán. And here’s the Millennium Falcon flying over it. In real fake life, the Falcon would be much smaller in proportion to the Yosemite Valley (34.37 m long compared to 13,000 m long), but we’re not too concerned about things making sense here. Onto news of small things: Here is a… Read more »

So we have this 3D model of the entire Yosemite Valley: And we can’t get enough of canyons, so we’re making more. Next up: the Grand Canyon, maybe the Grand Teton range. CANYONS and VALLEYS will be the inspiration for this game!   The 3D models we’re printing are great because they help us visualize what… Read more »