Faces made out of the things we keep lying around our workspace. We’re not using our phone case idea anymore, but they make great eyes. The white squiggle at the bottom is a failed experiment with our 3D printer. You could also call it a turd. Why not a winky face? Thanks Adafruit for providing… Read more »

Thanks to the printer, we now have the capacity to bring any number of things to life. Including the obligatory Millennium Falcon as a controller (the back has a cutout for where a Bean would go). Because star wars.  

  Behold! This is El Capitán, a vertical rock formation in Yosemite and printed in miniature from our trusty Ultimaker. We’re working on making a never-ending canyon for JetRecon, and we’re making it 3D. The game will have you soar through the canyon and it will be awesome. We’ve scrapped the idea of a phone case… Read more »

We finally got the team together today and talked JetRecon – we need a better name – for a bit. This game has been slow-cooking for months, absorbing some good Unity sauce, and we’re excited that it’s now time to be taking a concrete step forward together as a team. We asked ourselves, “What are we trying… Read more »

Sometimes we fight with our 3D printer. We always make up in the end, but the fights can have some pretty spectacular results… We’ll update this with more once we get over the embarrassment.

We’re making another game… A very smart dude by the name of Justin sent us an idea about a year ago and we sat on it until now… In JetRecon – we need a better name, your mission is to… well, we don’t know yet.  We’ll figure it out soon but for now the plan… Read more »