360 VR iOS Experience

Moosejaw VR iOS Application

This project is in development right now! We're so stoked on it we're keeping a live journal on this page. We can't talk about every facet of the project, in fact, we probably should talk about any of it so we'll keep the conversation lite for now.

There are so many awesome components that make this project what it is. It's shot in Moab, Utah -otherwise known as Heaven. It's shot using 360° camera arrays which we mounted on rock faces, kayaks, drones, between canyon walls, on bears, etc... The moosejaw team took every effort to bring the user right into the middle of the action and it shows.

The result of all that careful planning and expertise is something special.


April 29, 2016

Capabilities Used

Rapid Prototyping

360° Video

iOS development

Love and Care

Behind the scenes

So much planning went into this project. How do you hang a camera array off of a rock face? How do you not fall off of that rock face? How do you get hundreds of pounds of camera gear, climbing gear, kayaking gear safely up sketchy trails…

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...more behind the scenes

This project hits home. It is the culmination of everything we love here at hM. The outdoors, technology, Utah.

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It's not work

Someone (probably) said it’s not work if you love it.  I can’t think of a better project with a better team, both the hM team and the Moosejaw team.  We knew that the development side of things would be tough in it’s own unique way.  Virtual reality isn’t really a walk in the park when you’re writing iOS applications from scratch.  Neither is 3D sound but collaborating with Moosejaw on every aspect of the build puts the users right into the middle of each experience which was the overall goal of the project.