Budweiser Brewery Experience App

We built an amazing application for an amazing brewery

Opening it's doors in 1852 the brewery has seen more than fair share of St. Louis history. Anheuser-Busch hired happyMedium to help tell that story.

We needed a way to bring the user into the brewery or augment the tour when you are on campus. The project included 360° photography, video, CGI, and location based content. We poured through the archives, climbed every roof top, explored the caves under the famed brewery and spent time in just about every corner of the plant. We found relics from the late 1800s, hugged Clydesdale's and tasted zero day old beer, a lot. The project not only gives you a behind the scenes look at the brewery but takes you places you would normally never get to see, the brew-master's tasting room, a 360° shot from above the brewery, and a 72 hour time-lapse from the famed Budweiser sign.

Download the app, take as many pictures and videos as you like and we'll mix you a keepsake video while you enjoy your free beer in the biergarten.



Summer, 2015

Capabilities Used

Creative Design

iOS + Android Development

Augmented Reality

Photography & Videography

Click through some of the behind the scenes images and b-roll

We spent hundreds of hours climbing all over the brewery.  From roof tops to caves to the wagon factory we spent days documenting the space so the user could have a behind the scenes look at an amazing piece of history.

Click below to watch the video

Click below to watch the video

Click below to watch the video