Draught Opti Tool

The Draught Tool

Anheuser-Busch asked us to create a tool that allowed their sales team to quickly and easily understand what beers might do better in certain locations and why.

A restaurant or bar in a Missoula, MT might have different clientele than a restaurant or bar in an upscale neighbor hood in SOHO, NY. Understanding the needs of those clientele were able to calculate which product might work best for that restaurant or bar. Science! Math!


Summer, 2015

Capabilities Used


Creative Design

iOS + Android Development

Heavy Database

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What does it do

The application understands where it is on the map.  It also understands what demographic might prefer which beers because of that location!  If we’re doing our job right we’re giving the sales team a better look into what products a specific demographic would prefer and why. We’re also providing that team an understanding of current pricing models and demand.