The projects we can’t talk about

These are the projects we can't talk about

For the last 5 years we've worked on projects for Warby Parker, Orvis and a few FORTUNE 100 level companies that are at the absolute limit of what we thought was possible. It's amazing work that will transform the consumer relationship with the brand. We're lucky to be associated with those brands.

Much of that ~kind~ of work we cannot talk about (we work, almost exclusively, on products or campaigns that are on the downlow or provisional patents) BUT most of it will impact how people interact with healthcare or the environment… that’s pretty cool. We're not referring to a brochure for a healthcare company, we're referring to something that provides a medical evaluation from that tiny little super computer in your pocket.

While it’s not traditional marketing it is in a way. It all points back to if you want to tell someone about a product or company, Net Promoter Score... That’s what we like about hM, we’re working on things that will provide a utility, it’s not just another billboard. We want to make beautifully designed applications that take care of you.



Capabilities Used

Rapid Prototyping

Software Development

Hardware Development

Custom Computer Board Development

Experimental Application Development

Open Computer Vision

Patent Development