Magic and voodoo


Tiggly is run by a great guy that we're lucky to know.

Long story short... a friend a Harvard gave us a call about a project he thought we might be interested in. The idea was sound, there was nothing else like it in the market and the team behind it was, well, they were at Harvard getting their MBAs so by default they were probably bright. The idea was simple, can you put something (a toy) on an iPad or iPhone that would let the iPad know the toy was there WITHOUT touching it. There were lots of similar products in market but none that didn't require human touch. I should pause and mention this is 2011, the iPad had come out 7 months before. No one had figured out how to do much with it. Anyway, the guys behind the project had loose requirements and we immediately jumped in.

Details below...


2011 - we still love it and like to talk about it.

Capabilities Used


Rapid Prototyping


Product Development

Creative Design

iOS Development

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The history

There were some indications of what we might need to do online but we were shooting in the dark for the most part.  After experimenting for a few days we had a better understanding of how we might get through the product development side.  Code development was so far down the road that we didn’t even really think about it.  Product side we needed to figure out how to, in simple terms, complete a circuit using materials we could easily get our hands on.  We checked that box then moved on to the actual product, which are represented by some of the images below.

The Tiggly guys had some great rapid prototypers, something that hM now does on premise… Once we had the shapes and the way to fake a touch we moved on to the code.  We won’t go into detail but safe to say that it was complicated until we landed on the “the idea”.

Why we're lucky

This project allowed us into a space we had previously thought we could not get into.  Combing applications or writing code with the physical world – which is something we do often now.  Most of our patents, have some sort of physical components associated with them.  This project moved us into that space.