Software Developer - happyMedium
happyMedium is looking for a Mobile Developer to join our team. We work on mobile applications, physical components that talk to mobile applications, websites that actually provide some sort of utility for the user, a bit of hardware design (chips and sensors), software design and whichever bleeding edge technology comes along next.

  • Minimum 3+ years programming native mobile applications
  • Swift, Objective-C, and/or Java skills
  • Proficient with Xcode and/or Android Studio
  • Knowledge of and experience implementing Android/iOS SDK’s and third party libraries and frameworks
  • Experience with data exchanges (JSON, XML), MySQL, Core Data, SQLite, etc
  • Knowledge of UX/UI best practices
  • Excellent analytical and problem solving skills with a solid understanding of debugging
  • Experience implementing analytics SDKs such asGoogle Analytics and mParticle
  • Must be able to play and work well with project managers, designers, and other developers.
  • Strong attention to detail, organization, and time/project management skills
  • Comfortable developing in an Agile workflow
Nice to have:
  • Experience with mobile commerce, payment gateways and security
  • Experience with Git distributed version control system
  • 1+ completed apps in Apple AppStore or Google Play
  • A background in security engineering

  • Competitive salary
  • Full health insurance, plus dental benefits
  • 401k match
  • An awesome work environment where non-traditional thinking is valued
  • Attend developer events and conferences on company time and dime
  • Free climbing gym membership
  • Stocked kitchen with snacks, breakfast, lunch, beer, whiskey and more