We took a holistic approach to determine the way forward by identifying elements that are crucial to an optimal Joann mobile experience. Coupons are central to that experience, along with the ability to research products, find inspiration and seamlessly complete a purchase all within the mobile application. We designed and developed a solution that Joann could use as a tool to boost sales and traffic, while creating a meaningful experience for the customer along the way.

To achieve this, we developed a custom CMS solution that allowed the Joann marketing team to deliver custom messaging, push notifications and content like coupons, deals and weekly ads to app users. The personalized messaging dramatically increased overall sales, store traffic and in-app engagement. We also developed a successful loyalty program that has increased incremental in-store purchases since launch, and a reviews engine that took the app from 2.8 to 4.8 stars in 6 months.

+ 4.8 stars on iOS and 4.7 stars on Android
+ 5MM active users in the app
+ 2.5MM users open up the app daily
+ ~500K new email addresses added each month
+ 0 - 20K daily app downloads (iOS & Android)
+ Top 65
+ 404K iOS reviews & 70K Android reviews