We developed a set of mobile applications that study participants could use on their own devices during their day-to-day lives, thereby eliminating the need for testing in a clinical setting. To achieve this, we engineered a multi-language and HIPAA-compliant app, to be used on a wide range of Android and iOS devices.

Timed cognitive testing must be very precise. To ensure accuracy, it was imperative to be aware of any data variances across such a large number of devices. Therefore, we built a bot to measure capacitive touch, kernel latency, and CPU/GPU usage.
As a companion to the app, we built a secure and encrypted client dashboard with a content management system (CMS) that is customizable to specific study needs. This dashboard allows researchers and doctors to track study participant data in real time, gaining valuable insight into patient retention and adherence, which ultimately leads to more accurate data.

The software we developed is now being used in a number of capacities by researchers and pharmaceutical companies including as a companion to a schizophrenia drug trial, as a way to collect ecological momentary assessment data for depression in a mindfulness study, and as a research tool and open source platform to gather cognitive data.